About Steve Conley

Steve Conley

Steve is an award-winning multimedia designer and he’s developed interactive content and web sites for USA TODAY, COMICON.com, TIME For Kids, The Washington Post, GTE, Universal Studios and many more.

When Steve isn’t designing web sites, logos and infographics for corporate clients, he’s a cartoonist. His comics projects include Star Trek: Year Four (IDW), Michael Chabon’s Amazing Adventures of the Escapist (Dark Horse Comics), JLA-Z (DC Comics) and his own The Middle Age and Astounding Space Thrills – which Steve writes and draws. Astounding Space Thrills has won an Eagle Award and was nominated for a Harvey Award. Steve has also produced cover art for comics including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Adventure Time, Fionna & Cake, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and others.

Steve promotes comics as a member of the Baltimore Comic-Con advisory board and was a founding member of the Kids Love Comics organization. Steve is former Executive Director of the SPX/Small Press Expo (North America’s Premiere Independent and Alternative Comics Arts Festival).

Steve served as a judge for the Eisner Awards in 2005 – one of the comics industry’s most well-respected awards – where he wrote the proposal which put webcomics on the ballot for the first time. Steve wrote the guideline for the webcomic category for the Ignatz Awards and he campaigned for inclusion of webcomics in the Harvey Awards. He presented the very first Harvey Award for Best Online Comics Work in 2006.

Steve has taught comics and cartooning at elementary schools and in afterschool programs in the Washington, DC area.

Steve’s latest comics project, The Middle Age, appears weekly online and was recently nominated for a 2017 Eisner Award in the Best Webcomic category – the same category he successfully proposed in 2005.