Astounding Space Thrills Vol. 2 #1 Image Comics series




Behind the fantastic painted cover provided by Ken Kelly, Eisner Nominee Steve Conley brings his acclaimed sci-fi series and syndicated comic strip, Astounding Space Thrills: The Comic Book to Image in FULL-COLOR! In the debut issue, Argosy Smith and his reluctant pal Theremin are lured to the mysterious Martian monument of Cydonia to stop the theft of a priceless and very deadly alien artifact. The introduction of the beautiful space vixen Astra Nouveau only complicates matters. Robots, rayguns, rocketships, a gorgeous villainess and the fate of all life on Earth hangs in the balance. And if that weren’t enough, also in this issue, for the first time in print: Marty Baumann’s The Crater Kid. “We have seen the future… and it really ain’t all that bad!”

Written and illustrated by: Steve Conley
Cover by: Ken Kelly
First printing, April, 2000

Signed by Steve Conley

Standard cover ($10) and rarer, textless “virgin” cover ($15) versions are available.

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Standard cover with logo and text, Rare "virgin" cover without logos and text