Astounding Space Thrills Vol. 2 #2 Image Comics series



In a brand-new adventure, “The Criminal Code,” featuring a spectacular painted cover by Kelly Freas (“The Dean of Science Fiction Illustration”, winner of 10 Hugo awards), someone is killing key figures in the robot underworld and all the clues point to one of their own. And who better to profile a mechanical killer than a computer programmer? Can Argosy Smith dismantle the killer’s plans before becoming a statistic himself?

In the flip-feature by Marty Baumann, The Crater Kid and his companions are forced to deal with the loss of Diz’s father, learning much about hope and perseverance in the process. Every panel packed with out-of-this-world action!

Written and illustrated by: Steve Conley
Front cover by: Frank Kelly Freas
Flip cover by: Mitch O’Connell
First printing, July, 2000

Signed by Steve Conley