Cover by The Brothers Hildebrandt - detail

Astounding Space Thrills #2 original series




This issue continues with part two of The Codex Reckoning. Argosy Smith, Theremin and pilot-for-hire Petra Vaverchek find themselves caught between galactic corporate superpowers, alien protoplasmic monsters and little green mercenaries as they determine just what Leonardo DaVinci’s lost notes mean to the future of space travel. Renowned sci-fi illustrators Greg and Tim Hildebrandt (STAR WARS, X-Men) provide a stunning painted cover. As a backup story, a 7-page retro sci-fi adventure “The Jorvax Cloud” features the Hero of Strata 4, Jet Victor by Marty Baumann. As an extra bonus: a sci-fi pin-up by Michael Cohen (Strange Attractors).

This issue features the first appearance of Bloop.

Written and illustrated by: Steve Conley
Cover by: The Brothers Hildebrandt
First printing, July 1998

Signed by Steve Conley

Standard cover ($10) and rarer, textless “virgin” cover ($15) versions are available.

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Standard cover with logo and text, Rare "virgin" cover without logos and text