Astounding Space Thrills Vol. 2 #3 Image Comics series



“Gordo: Earthling Prime” In the 1950s, NASA sent a squirrel monkey named Gordo beyond Earth’s atmosphere never to be seen again! Now, 80 years later, in 2030 mankind finds itself the target of a nefarious simian scheme that may cost us the Earth itself. Can Argosy Smith stop Gordo before we all have to find a new planet to live on? In the flip-feature by Marty Baumann, Crater Kid’s faith in himself is sorely tested as darkness enshrouds the planet and all the inhabitants of Meta 4 look to him to save them. Is it always darkest before the dawn? What if dawn never arrives? Flip Covers by Dave Dorman and Jack Davis!

Written and illustrated by: Steve Conley
Front cover by: Dave Dorman
Flip cover by: Jack Davis
First printing, September, 2000

Signed by Steve Conley