Astounding Space Thrills #3 original series




The third comic of the original run was released in January 1999. In the feature story, “Aspects of Iron”: Argosy Smith is dead, so what is he doing running from dinosaurs, robots and the Velthan mystic who prophesied his death? And while Argosy is galavanting in the afterlife, his cohorts are no better off! Petra’s being chased by a Bounty Hunter and Theremin’s up to his globules in Musketeers. This issue also features a Jet Victor short story by Marty Baumann. PLUS: a sci-fi pin-up by comics legend Pat Boyette!

Written and illustrated by: Steve Conley
Cover by: Drew Struzan
First printing, January, 1999

Signed by Steve Conley

Standard cover ($10) and rarer, textless “virgin” cover ($15) versions are available.

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Standard cover with logo and text, Rare "virgin" cover without logos and text