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Overripe Aging and a Nutty Finish
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May 22, 2017

Overripe Aging and a Nutty Finish

This is episode 38 of The Middle Age. You can read the story from the beginning here.

On Thursday, I was interviewed by Tom Racine of the great Tall Tale Radio podcast. We covered a ton of topics including my early work, how this comic strip is created on an iPad Pro, as well as the news that The Middle Age will be joining the lineup at GoComics. I’ll have more news about that in the coming weeks. You can listen to the interview here: Part 1 and Part 2.

I’ve set it up so everyone can download the digital PDF edition of the first collection of The Middle Age For FREE here. It will remain free until the end of July. Feel free to share the link.

The Middle Age is made possible by supporters at Patreon. Patreon allows users to make small monthly contributions to creators you like – like me – and make possible projects you like – like The Middle Age. Click here to help out – and if you sign up before August, you’ll get a signed and hand-drawn sketch by me for as small a commitment as $1 dollar!

Thank you again for reading and for sharing!

— Steve

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