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Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 Yearbook illustration

Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 Yearbook Illustration

Each year, the Baltimore Comic-Con assembles a “yearbook” featuring artistic contributions from the show’s gigantic list of guest cartoonists. The theme of this year’s edition is is Archie Comics.

The rules for contributing were:
A family friendly piece featuring Archie and the gang, classic or new versions, as well as any of your own creator-owned properties.

I took the opportunity to show off characters from my new The Middle Age webcomic.

The piece was illustrated on an iPad Pro using the Procreate app. Additional color work was done in Photoshop.

A big part of the fun was looking at the early artwork by Archie’s original co-creator Bob Montana. The drawings of Archie, Betty and Veronica in the windows are slavish imitations of Bob’s beautiful work. He had a clean, elegant style and, man, could he draw lovely hands!

I’m thrilled I was able to take part in this collection.

A signed, one-of-a-kind print of the piece will be auctioned off the Baltimore Comic-Con with proceeds going to charity.

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