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The production of the The Middle Age Volume Two is going really well. I expect to receive a hardcover proof of the second book in the next week or so. I’ll be sure to share an unboxing! :)

On the digital side, PDFs links will be going out this weekend – keep an eye out for those!

The only snag in production was that I found myself with one blank page in the book and I wasn’t sure how to fill it. My first idea was to include a bit of shop talk looking at how I name characters.

TMA V2 thumbnails

But that’s not visual enough so I consolidated two other pages and freed up a double-page spread where I’m now sharing the sketches and preliminary art for the book’s cover. (Anyone interested in the character-naming piece – how Quimp, Maledicta, Phosphene, and Melvwyn got their names – I posted that over on Patreon).

More Loot! And Sticker Mule!

The production of the other loot is going well. I’m using the same t-shirt manufacturer as before. I love their work and how comfy the shirts are. :)

Sticker mockup
Sticker mockup
As for the stickers, I’m using Sticker Mule. I’ve used them for years and I can’t say enough good things about them – they made the beautiful buttons and stickers for the first Kickstarter campaign. One of Sticker Mule’s reps reached out to me and asked me to help get the word out and I’m happy to do it – and they even kindly offered me a store credit as thanks for my help which I’ll use to make more loot! Here’s a link to their laptop stickers, which look great.

Kickstarter Unionizes

In other news, Kickstarter’s employees voted to unionize this week. A number of my readers – many who supported the first campaign – reached out and let me know that they didn’t feel right supporting the second campaign as long as Kickstarter was enmeshed in the anti-union controversy. I totally appreciate that. I was unaware of the controversy when I launched the second campaign. (One of the downsides of having my head in The Middle Age 24/7 is that I feel perpetually oblivious to current events).

I’m excited to see that the employees’ voices were heard and that the issue can be put behind them. I also hope this bodes well for other tech companies in the U.S.

Thank you all again for your amazing support!

Look for digital rewards this weekend!

— Steve

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