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Astounding Space Thrills

Brace for impact!

This is a remastered webcomic from March 19, 1999. Episode 15 of Undersea Menace From the Year 3200. You can start reading the story here.

This strip contained the first animated comic panel in the series and one of the first animated panels in a webcomic ever. Fortunately, I’m a digital packrat and kept all the frames of the original rendering and I was able to use 15 frames for this remastered episode (the original strip – seen below – only used four frames and even then I felt like the file size was prohibitively large). Unfortunately, I didn’t render the original frames with anti-aliasing so the images are a bit chunky. To compensate, I layered a water texture on top to smooth things out for this newer and much larger version.

Original AST strip from March 19, 1999.
Original Astounding Space Thrills animated strip from March 19, 1999.

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