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Astounding Space Thrills

There must be something we can do!

Episode 48 of Undersea Menace From the Year 3200 – a remastered webcomic from 1999. You can start reading the story here.

While I’ve been remastering these strips from 1999 for collection in print, I was excited to find that I had rendered the frames at such a resolution that I could re-animate the strip at the remastered size. 🙂

Shop talk: I make a point when I include looping animation in a comic strip that the animation not contradict the narrative. For example, I don’t want a character saying, “Bah. I have only one bullet left. I’d better make this count!” and then showing that animated character firing an endless stream of bullets. In this case, Prince Gillcrest’s fleet is enormous and the looping animation of endless ships underscores that point. I’m still pretty happy with it 18 years later.

You can read Steve’s newest webcomic, The Middle Age, here.

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