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Steve’s first self-published project from 1994, Avant Guard, is a classic super-hero adventure in the Silver- and Bronze-Age style.

Avant GuardAvant Guard tells the story of four men hired by the Avant Corporation to test the prototype weapons of tomorrow. In the first adventure, Avant headquarters are invaded by a techno-thief and an accompanying battalion of cyborgs. In desperation, the weapons-testing team, Citadel, Stonehenge, Think Tank, and Feedback, attempt to prevent the loss of millions of dollars in research and materials. If they succeed or not, well…

Three issues of Avant Guard – written and illustrated by Steve – were published in 1994.

“A good read, great to look at, exciting.” – reader Timothy K

“It’s been a while since I have had this much fun reading a comic book. For those who like that sort of thing, there’s snappy banter and in-jokes a-plenty. If you prefer a more serious tone to your comics, there’s enough of that, as well. I found it to be a near perfect balance between light-hearted humor and heavy-hitting action.” – reader Mark P.

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