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The Middle Age

Here are a few of the characters you’ll meet in The Middle Age. This page contains trace amounts of spoilers, so if you want to avoid them, I recommend you read every single episode starting here and then check back. — Steve

Sir Quimp of Grawlix

Sir Quimp of Grawlix

Sir Quimp the Umpteenth of Grawlix, is a slightly older knight, and is the hero of our story. He lost his sword, his job and his love and is on a quest to win them back! His heart is pure. And clogged.

Maledicta, The Blade of Woe

Maledicta, the Blade of Woe

Sir Quimp sought the Blade of Woe to replace his lost sword. Maledicta, also known as the Dancing Sword of Death, doesn’t hide his feelings for Sir Quimp: he hates him.

Melvwyn the Magnificent

Melvwyn the Magnificent

Melvwyn the Magnificent is a great wizard in that all wizards are pretty great.


Jarn and Nittles

It was almost 70 episodes before these two guys made their first appearance. If Game of Thrones has taught me anything, it’s that people love waiting for dragons to show up.


Waddlebottom, The Lord of All Ducks

Sure, he looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, but is he a duck? Yes. I mean, obviously.

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