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Death Dealing is your guide to becoming a card-carrying dealer of death! Plus new spells, items, and creatures!

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Death Dealing Minis

Death Dealing contains everything you need to add the Death Dealing rogue subclass to your 5E campaign! Plus new spells, items, and creatures! This book includes…

  • Rules for the Death Dealing rogue subclass: a fun, powerful, and playable subclass for fifth edition
  • A guide for creating each Death Dealing rogue’s unique Deck of Cards – magic weapons which level up and gain powers as your Death Dealing rogue does
  • New spells and cantrips like Debamfify and Electroarchanic Magic Pulse (EMP)
  • New magic items like the fearsome Card Shark and the Hourglass of Rest
  • New creatures like the Shuffling Mound and The House.

You can use the online version of the Death Dealing Deck here:

Death Dealing is written and illustrated by Steve Conley.

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