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I’m sending a hand-drawn sketch to every Patreon backer of $9 or more.

Each postcard will have a sketch of a character from my webcomic The Middle Age (or a different character – check the FAQ below) and every sketch will be hand-drawn and signed by me.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thanks for supporting me and The Middle Age and I look forward to drawing you something nice! 🙂 And tell a friend!

— Steve


A hand-drawn sketch for just $9?
You’re worth it! Anyone willing to sign up and support my work deserves a huge thank you! 🙂

Can’t people get a sketch and then quit being a supporter?
Yep. But I’m hoping enough people will like my comics – and the sketch – and consider staying on as a supporter. 🙂

Can I sign up for the higher Patreon tiers and still get the sketch?
Absolutely. Every patron of $9 or more will get the sketch and you’ll also get all the other perks of that tier.

When will I be charged?
Patreon will charge you the moment you sign up and again on the first of the Month. Once you’ve been charged, I’ll add your sketch to the list.

What if you get 1,000 supporters and have to make 1,000 sketches?
I figure I’ll make 20 sketches a day for 50 days. Depending on the amount of support, I’ll have a pretty good idea just how long it will take to complete and I’ll post regular updates. If the number gets really big, I’ll probably have to templatize the sketches somehow.

What if it’s 5,000 sketches?
Sleep is for the weak!

What if it’s a million sketches?
I should be so lucky. I suppose at that point, I’ll have to draw very, very fast. 🙂

If I continue to be a supporter, will I get a sketch every month?
Nope. This is a one-time bonus for Patrons. You’ll continue to get the other Patreon perks for as long as you’re a Patron.

Can I request a specific character from The Middle Age?
Sure. Contact me with Patreon’s message system once you’ve signed up.

Instead of drawing one of your characters from The Middle Age, can the sketch be of a different character?
Sure. Make your pledge $15 and contact me through the Patreon message system and let me know the character you want. Keep in mind, the sketches are mostly head shots of characters. Also, I can’t draw every character – some are way outside my wheelhouse – so pop me an e-mail or reach out on social media to make sure. 🙂

How big is each postcard?
Roughly 3.5×5 inches.

How are the postcards mailed?
They will be dropped in a mailbox and delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

I’m worried the post office will mangle the postcard, can I get it mailed to me in an envelope?
Sure. Make your pledge $15 and contact me through the Patreon message system and I’ll mail the sketch in a padded envelope.

Do you mail outside the United States?
Contact me directly and we can work out the extra shipping costs to wherever you are.

What if I want a bigger, more elaborate drawing?
That’s available at the $25 reward tier and above. Or contact me for commission rates. 🙂

How will the sketch be drawn?
It will be pen and ink on art paper – usually bristol board. Address information and postage will be on the reverse side of the card. The cards will be hand or machine cut depending on how many I’m making. Here’s a look at a few…

Sketch Postcards!

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