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Astounding Space Thrills “Mooch’s Loot” Issue 15 Page 9 Original Artwork

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A one-of-a-kind page of original hand-drawn art from Astounding Space Thrills.

In 2003, Steve produced a series of B&W Astounding Space Thrills comic books which serialized the story “Argosy Smith and the Secret of Mooch’s Loot.”

This is the ninth page from the sixth chapter of that story (The fifteenth published issue of the Astounding Space Thrills.)

Steve’s process for these pages:

“A rough sketch was scanned and brought into the computer where geometric elements and lettering were added. The sketches were turned blue and were printed along with the technical elements onto art paper where the figures, monsters, shadows and other textures were inked with a brush or technical pen. In some places, white paint was used to add things like highlights or stars.”

The page comes SIGNED and can be personalized.

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