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Wholesale Bundle: TTRPG Starter Kit


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Just for retailers and friendly local game stores: three copies each of the deluxe hardcover editions of Intoximancy (2023 ENNIE Nominee ‘Best Supplement’), Death Dealing, and The Prayer’s Handbook  at half their retail cover price.

  • Death Dealing is a card-throwing rogue subclass
  • Intoximancy is a boozy wizard subclass
  • The Prayer’s Handbook: The Meta Domain Cleric is a fourth-wall-bending cleric subclass

These Deluxe Hardcover Editions each retail for $30 each. This bundle includes nine books at half that price.

Each book  is a 32-page deluxe hardcover, A5-size book (about 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 inches in size) and the interior pages are printed on 100lb ‘satin’ paper.

Hardcovers on store shelves

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