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Socks and Barney

Socks and Barney chronicled the 2008 election through the eyes of the Presidential Pets — specifically Bill and Hillary Clinton’s pet cat, Socks, and George W. Bush’s pet dog, Barney. Chock full of spectacular insights such as “President Bush is an idiot” and “Democrats couldn’t pass the salt with three branches of government,” you too will find yourself – as tens of faithful readers had – commenting to your friends, co-workers and subscribers to your Myspace updates, “Check out this comic. It’s kind of hit or miss and I don’t get the Tom Tancredo jokes but look, a talking pig!”

The Socks and Barney comic strip ran from late 2007 until inauguration day in January, 2009.

A collection of Socks and Barney strips called Death Panels was published in 2008.

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