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The Middle Age joins GoComics on June 19th

The Middle Age watercolor cover

I was very happy to announce in a recent interview on Tom Racine’s Tall Tale Radio podcast that The Middle Age will be joining the lineup at GoComics.

This means Sir Quimp, Maledicta and Waddlebottom will be appearing alongside Snoopy, Calvin, Garfield, Opus, Petey Otterloop and my other favorite characters. I’m super excited to reach a whole new audience of comic strip fans and I’m honored to be in such excellent company.

The Middle Age Joins GoComics
The image above shows Sir Quimp joining the party and it gave me a chance to draw some of my favorite GoComics characters (okay, I pretty much traced most of them as there’s just no way to touch the originals IMO).

This won’t affect the schedule of The Middle Age and you’ll still be able to read The Middle Age here (and your RSS links will still work!) But now there will be a new place to see the strip alongside many other favorites. This move will also let me present the strip in its horizontal newspaper-style format which I’m excited about.

Thanks to the folks at GoComics including Shena Wolf. And thanks, as always, to my supporters on Patreon who make The Middle Age possible.

— Steve

As a reminder, The Middle Age is nominated for a 2017 Eisner Award in the Best Webcomic category. If you’re a webcomics creator or other comics professional, you can vote until June 16th here:

The Middle Age receives an Eisner nomination!

The Middle Age watercolor cover

The cast of the Middle AgeI’m thrilled to learn that my online comic The Middle Age has been nominated in the Best Webcomic category of the 2017 Eisner Awards.

The Eisner Awards are often called the Academy Awards of comics. There’s a part of me which wants be cool and say it’s not a big deal but I can’t kid myself. A big part of why it matters so much to me is my personal history with the awards and the Webcomic category in particular.

My first experience with the awards goes back to 1999 when I was nominated in the Talent Deserving Wider Recognition category. The award that year went to writer Brian Bendis and he was absolutely the right winner. Not only was his acceptance speech gracious and pitch-perfect, it was particularly kind to the then-struggling independent wing of Image Comics. Today, that wing is the biggest and best part of Image Comics and consistently publishes great work. And I can say, looking back on my own work in 1999, while it was nice to be nominated, my work was not deserving of any more attention.

Cut to 2005. I was asked by Eisner Awards administrator Jackie Estrada to serve as one of the judges for that year’s awards. I happily took part but lamented that there wasn’t yet a webcomics category. In the years leading up to this point, webcomics had been gaining stature and each year – when they weren’t included on the ballot – the message boards and online forums would erupt. I found that the only reason webcomics weren’t on the ballot was because nobody had ever written a proposal to include them. So I wrote one. (Okay, it wasn’t as easy as that because awards have weird rules for often very good reasons and adding a category which broke some of those rules needed finessing.) My fellow judges approved the proposal and webcomics were sharing the stage with printed comic books for the first time.

Now, twelve years later, my own comic has been nominated in that category and my work shares the ballot with some of the best creators in comics today.

I’m still not sure if my work is deserving of wider recognition, but I’m honored and humbled by the nomination and can’t thank the judges enough.

The award ceremony will take place Friday, July 21. Fingers crossed!

— Steve
Eisner nomination 2017

Drawing in Procreate using an iPad Pro

The Middle Age

The Middle AgeHere’s a look at some recent art I created for my webcomic series The Middle Age. This piece was drawn on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil using the Procreate app.

This video shows how the B&W art and textures were created.

Hope you like it. 🙂

— Steve