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“Just read through The Prayer’s Handbook. I LOVE it! Just enough humor but still rules oriented to be a PERFECT supplement!”

“You put together the most professional, amazing deliverables I’ve ever seen. Constantly impressed with the quality of what you put out. Thank you for all you do, it’s amazing!”

“I love the physical copy I received! Excellent work!”

“I even ordered the Intoximancy because I love both The Prayer’s Handbook and Death Dealing. I do also plan on getting the Nibblemancy PDF too because I’m just straight up loving all of these. Thank you for your hard work!”

“Love the creativity of your stuff!”

“I’m excited to jump in to the cleverness of it all.”

“Love your stuff and looking forward to more.”

“So much goodness in here, it’s amazing. The Epiphanies, spells, monsters… great stuff.”

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