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The Middle Age
Cast of The Middle Age

Sir Quimp lost his sword, his job, and his love and is on a quest to win them back. The Middle Age is a webcomic written and illustrated by Steve Conley, and made possible thanks to supporters on Patreon.
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Volume 3 starts here!
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The Middle Age Volume 3 on Kickstarter

“…the strip is superb, combining clear, charming cartooning and funny writing with lovingly rendered details and excellent lettering in a way that I haven’t seen since Walt Kelly’s “Pogo.”…I love it dearly.”
– Todd Klein
“It’s made of fun.”
– Colleen Doran
“Beautifully drawn and hilarious.”
– Tom Racine, Tall Tale Radio
“A good-looking, classic comic. It’s Great!”
– Digital Strips podcast

The Middle Age is now also available at GoComics
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