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The Middle Age
Admit it...

Episode 240: “Admit it…”

It would seem that last week’s beard-bursting installment sparked more comments than any episode so far. So many readers tried to list all the silly items emerging from Melvwyn’s beard.

I will say that the Hat With Feather was a nod to Tom Bombadil, but it could’ve been any wizards hat. 🙂

Shop talk: In this episode – in panel three – I had originally drawn a closeup of the orc’s face in shock, but felt it was pretty much the same expression as in panel four so it wasn’t adding much. I’m much happier with a closeup of Phosphene – now deeply red. I first saw this sort of reveal in Raiders of the Lost Ark and in most every other action movie since. 🙂

And some fixes! Last week, I fixed a couple of continuity issues in recent episodes and uploaded revised versions. They’re minor glitches – and in one case a clarification – but it would have been annoying if they’d made it into the printed collections. You can see the specifics in a public Patreon post here:

Sad to see this particular orc go, they were fun to draw.

Thank you again! <3

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Hmmmm… not only is the beard a time traveler’s repository, but the sword is too… in the first episodes there were Damascus steel patterns on the sword, but recently it has just been a shiny silver, we are back to the patterns…. I love the details you put into these cartoons….

    1. Those are runes that had to be folded into the steel using a Damascus technique.
      It is quite difficult, requiring copious amounts of fae blood and alcohol

  2. I’ve restrained myself until it hurts: “kitchen sink” indeed!Away with you to the punnery for penitence!

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