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The Middle Age

Episode 284: “Again!”

With this episode’s reveal behind us and with Phosphene conscious, we can dive into the backstory.

BTW I love the baby dragons in this episode! :)

I’m posting this episode the night before I hit the road for Heroes Con. I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos and will share a convention report when I get back. If you can make it, I hope to see you there! (Because of travel, there will be no Twitch stream on Thursday).

Minis from The Middle Age

The Kickstarter is continuing to build! I’ve been really happy to see the campaign continue to grow each day. We’re getting closer and closer to unlocking the Waddlebottom add-on!

You can check out the campaign here:

Thank you again or your kind support! And welcome to new Patreon supporter Matt!

— Steve

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