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The Middle Age

Episode 284: “Again!”

With this episode’s reveal behind us and with Phosphene conscious, we can dive into the backstory.

BTW I love the baby dragons in this episode! 🙂

I’m posting this episode the night before I hit the road for Heroes Con. I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos and will share a convention report when I get back. If you can make it, I hope to see you there! (Because of travel, there will be no Twitch stream on Thursday).

Minis from The Middle Age

The Kickstarter is continuing to build! I’ve been really happy to see the campaign continue to grow each day. We’re getting closer and closer to unlocking the Waddlebottom add-on!

You can check out the campaign here:

Thank you again or your kind support! And welcome to new Patreon supporter Matt!

— Steve

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  1. “Mother” was the title of the head of the unit for which John Steed and Emma Peel worked.

  2. Whoooo boy. Way to go. Stabbing your Mother In Law. Living the dream/nightmare. Making an awesome impression Infront of your love. Poor Quimp. 😋

    1. I called that, I called that! Heh.
      My mother-in-law cooked wonderfully for me, but Quimp’s mother-in-law may cook him … and he’s already rotten.

        1. You know, as silly as my quoting the denouement from “Tootsie” was it was kind on target too 🙂

          1. Indeed it was/
            Is there something wrong with me that I prefer Dustin Hoffman’s character in Kung Fu Panda to that in Tootsie?

  3. “Something you should know about dwarves. Females and males both have beards.” It can even be hard for dwarves to tell them apart. This also works for the small king or king when he was small. Oh well – on with the show. BTW – Emma Peel was fantastic in black leather – even better than the Black Widow.

  4. Maledicta, the Blade of Woe loves fresh blood and killing. In nearly every fight, even with the ogre king, Maledicta, the
    Blade of Woe goes for the heart and certain death. What gives here? A shoulder wound? Something is fishy or there is some code that the sword follows with dragons?

    1. Yes, and did you notice the “he” in bold letters??? It is almost like he is trying to put the blame on Quimp, and not himself… Its almost as if Maledicta is having second thoughts about the incident… Plus does Phosphene being awake and safe make the current noble quest complete???

      1. Okay, I had to go back and re-read to remember what the new “noble quest” was… I thought I remembered it being finding and saving the kids… which is now complete… the saving the kids was an “along the way” thing… We still have no idea how the “curse” was placed on the blade, nor what it would take to lift it… So that was over a year ago… luckily we’re all strapped in for the long haul, because with this pace we might happily be here for decades :-)….

  5. I must say, I genuinely did not expect to love this comic as much as I have. The art is fantastically done, the characters are superb, but by far the strongest point is the quality of the writing- both jokes and dialogue alike. I wholeheartedly agree with the comparisons between your work and Terry Pratchett’s, this comic is a work of brilliance.

    Also Maledicta is my spirit animal.

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