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The Middle Age
And other synonyms...

Episode 198: “And other synonyms…”

Two episodes until 200!

Thanks again to my kind supporters on Patreon. I couldn’t do this without you! Extra thanks to new Patreon supporter Tolk!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Just a rhetorical question.
    Will our hero ever get a chance to once agin wear footwear before inadvertently stepping on something sharp, pointy or worst of all a LEGO brick?

  2. I forget the sword’s name but it really is a pain in the butt. Quimp is too busy and has his mind on other things right now to pay it any attention but I’d not be one to let it go on. I’d be doing all I could to silence it while making sure it still could be effective.

    1. Rich, Hi! Thanks for the note! I have been sick as a dog the past few days. That – along with the next two episodes being larger and much more complex – meant a delay. I’m still working on the next episode – just slowly – I was asleep for 16 hours yesterday. I have a doctor’s appointment today (Thursday) and hope to get an elixir to get me back to the drawing board. Thanks for checking in!

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