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The Middle Age

Episode 256: “Awkward”

This episode took me days to complete, but… squirrels!

There was a squirrel-type critter in my previous webcomic BLOOP, but I don’t think I’ve ever drawn an actual squirrel before – or ten squirrels!

Big thanks and welcome to new Patreon supporters: Bervda, Britt Schramm, Jerome Scott, Benjamin Czisny, and Santiago Casares!

To help celebrate five years of The Middle Age, we’ve got some great guest art to share. First up, here’s Sir Quimp as drawn by Disney/Pixar artist Marty Baumann! (Click to see the full version)

Thank you again!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. So, invasive American Grey squirrels have chased the red, fearful, and pointy eared European variety out of even The Middle Age? Oh woe is the environment! Next up there’ll be fire-breathing beasties.

  2. Give a squirrel a net and feed him for a day. Give him a sword like the Woeblade and start hiding your nuts!

    Wont the much wounded heart of our hero fail if the Woeblade is claimed by another?

    Tune in later for the Walnut Vs. Pecan wars.

  3. The woeblade seems to speak regular, Gothic, and now squirrel. Is there anything it can’t do!

  4. I wonder, is there something special about the squirrel that that can balance an acorn on its head AND balance on the top of a sword… Watch out AGT…

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