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The Middle Age
Bob, if you please...

Episode 291: “Bob, if you please…”

Astute readers will recognize the incantation Bibbiddi Abraca THBBFT and they’ll have a pretty good idea what happens next!

Things at The Middle Age HQ had just returned to normal after Hurricane Ian when we were hit by Hurricane Nicole! But did that slow me down? Of course it did. 🙂 But I’m back at it and I’m heading into the holidays reinvigorated and secure in the knowledge that December hurricanes are shockingly rare. (Have I jinxed myself?)

I have finished the Intoximancy book and the PDF editions are already in the hands of Kickstarter backers.

I was sweating the reaction to the book and am overjoyed with the response so far.

“I’m loving the book. I’m totally letting my players use this homebrew class, 100%!”

“Just read through all of it I love all of it!! Can’t wait to show my group tonight!!”

“I’m only on page 3 and already laughing my ass off.”

If you missed the campaign and want to get the PDF, it’s available here:

Intoximancy: Digital Edition

Print editions will be available for pre-order from the shop later in the week.

EXTRA THANKS to new Patreon supporters DryEraseGirl and Lisa!

— Steve

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  1. I’m not so sure this spell will work. When Melywn invoked the spell, he concluded with a spit-laden THBBFT! I don’t see any drops of saliva flying from the Empress’ mouth. Let’s hope it works just as well to open a portal to wherever the Empress/King is planning to go.

    I got a chuckle from your “But did that (Hurricane Nicole) slow me down? Of course it did!” I expected you to say it didn’t. 😆 I’m only too happy not to live where hurricanes or any bad storms happen. All I have to be worried about is when the Big One hits (the 8+ earthquake that’s supposed to be long overdue).

  2. well, as 2022 ends it looks like we will finally be leaving wherever they have been all year…. when Bob and Quimp decided to get captured…. 🙂

    1. If you are old enough to remember the first Bob Newhart show… There used to be a drinking game, where every time Emily (Suzanne Pleshette) said “oh Bob” everyone needed to take a shot… at the end of most episodes most people playing were at least a bit tipsy…. :-)… So “oh Bob” will never be menacing… 🙂

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