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The Middle Age
'Doing' what?

Episode 250: “‘Doing’ what?”

Episode 250!

My iPad died after 249 episodes. This episode is the first one drawn on my new iPad Pro (4th Generation). It took an afternoon to get the workflow and color settings on my new device just right but I think we’re back in business. And I think the color looks pretty consistent from the previous episodes.

Extra, extra thanks to new Patreon supporters MRB, Michael, Ricardo and Chad!

The Middle Age (and Astounding Space Thrills) in the news:

I was recently a guest of a couple of podcasts where I talked about the ongoing Astounding Space Thrills Kickstarter (which is going great) as well as The Middle Age.

Thanks again for your amazing kindness and support for these first 250 episodes!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Okay, it is cute, but could I get a quick refresher… where do we stand on the matter of quests? I guess we have to get rid of a necklace, but beyond that the family is together and happy, right???

  2. There’s also what’s up with the curse. Phos may be cured but what about the other dragons since it seems contagious.
    Phos’ mom is missing again and who betrayed who to get the collar on Phos in the first place.
    Is Quimp going to die shortly since he “saved” his kids and thus is no longer on a death defying quest…
    There’s still a lot going on.

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