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The Middle Age
Don't freak out...

Episode 270: “Don’t freak out…”

This week. I started streaming process videos on Twitch and YouTube. You can watch as I work on the next episodes and other spot illustrations. Be sure to subscribe on either site to be notified when the next stream starts.

I’ll be streaming on a regular schedule after the holidays.

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— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Have we seen Bob’s arms before ’cause there are four hands holding the signs?

    And Bob? While I admit Quimp has one of the most interesting hats I’ve yet seen, how are you going to keep it on your round little head with your ears in the way? Quimp has the ideal shaped head for that hat. Sadly, you don’t have his weird head.

  2. I’ve sussed it. That hat is really Waddlebottom himself, under a hat-glamour of some sort. And Bob must have plans that involve WB, thus the request to have the hat.

  3. “What if we give him exactly what he wants?”
    Oh, that’s sure to work . . . . for whom, not sure, but yes, it’s sure to work!

  4. We missed so much while Quimp was asleep that “They have Lady Phosphene” feels like the weirdest twist yet.

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