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The Middle Age
Don't You Dare!

Episode 252: “Don’t you dare!”

I couldn’t let Quimp and the Woeblade go off to face the dragons without our hero getting the chance to say goodbye to his family.

A big welcome to readers from The Whiteboard to this obscure webcomic. Waddlebottom was given a kind shout-out in a recent episode and it’s very much appreciated.

As always, huge thanks to everyone who supports this comic by spreading the word and saying nice things in the comments!

And extra thanks to new Patreon Supporters David, Purple Chickadee, Chris, Angela, Guillermo, and treeshakertucker! <3

— Steve @theSteveConley

This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Was that a “Royal Wave?” How did he get through a frame without impalement? Tune in next time for the continued knutty knight.

    1. So far in the story, Maledicta’s curse keeps Quimp going even at a distance, such has when Quimp had been disarmed or when he threw the sword at some dragon hunters. As long as Quimp is on his noble quest, the Woeblade is stuck with him.

  2. Isn’t Quimp going to put his other boot on before he leaves, after his kids were so nice as to bring it to him?

  3. I wish I had clothing as durable and self-repairing as Quimp’s shiny armor! 😀

    And yes, the other boot might be a good idea. 😉

  4. I have a feeling its important he put the sword in the tree, so not everybody can take it.

    PS: Nice things 🙂

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