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The Middle Age
Feel the irony?

Episode 237: “Feel the irony?”

Artwise, drawing the orcs is a lot of fun but it’s so time-consuming. I’m really happy with how panel three turned out. Dramatic and silly! 🙂

Trying to make sure I emphasize the size differences among the various characters is challenging. I have Something breaking out of the fourth panel’s border but because she’s so much smaller than Phosphene, even giving Something’s small figure a thicker outline, the perspective feels a bit wonky.

This episode’s scripting took a left turn when I ended up writing a backstory for the orcs, their culture, their utopian homeland of Calembour, and their two territories of West Entendre and East Entendre. We will see more orcs and learn more of orc society in the future – I don’t want them to just be one-dimensional NPCs. 🙂

Extra orc-sized thanks to new Patreon supporters Stuart and Ivuoma!

I hope you’re all happy and well and warm!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Uh… Orc blood is green. ; )

    And just as a note… haven’t these panels gotten more and more bloody lately? Kinda cramps the otherwise sophisticated art.

  2. “Twin Entendres of Calembour”, Brilliant! I am going to start using that and I’m sure my son will work it into a D&D game.

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