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The Middle Age
First rule of adventuring...

Episode 255: “First rule of adventuring…”

We couldn’t leave this sequence without Quimp finally getting his odoriferous footwear back and while I’m at it – why not complicate Something’s entire look?

Extra thanks to new Patreon supporters Rob and Richard and new annual support from Randy!

The next episode will appear on Sunday – the fifth anniversary of The Middle Age!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Given that her new helmet looks like a dragon, I’m guessing that Something is now a de facto dragon royal guard. That’s a pretty intimidating line, honestly :D. “You can’t go after Phosphene the Dragon Queen, she’s guarded by… Something!…

  2. How sexist! The ladies are always tidying up after the men. Harrumph. Ahem, I said Harrumph!! Please look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you … Hey!!!

  3. Well, well, well, so in the past two strips we have resolved (kind of…) the little dragon’s assigned genders at birth, and Quimp’s boots… What the heck are we going to talk about now in the comments section…

    1. Easy! Just what ‘thing’ IS Something? And where did she come from? I’ve been intrigued by her origin ever since she first showed up.

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