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The Middle Age
For the moment...

Episode 190: “For the moment…”

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  1. Just a note regarding the artwork and the placement of the bowstring.
    It is in front of the forearm and not behind else you will be launching a gauntlet and making a royal mess of the back of your arm.
    It is either that or switch the grip. That last panel feels uncomfortably awkward.

    Mind I am one to use the two finger grip as depicted in the illustration as opposed to the recommended three finger grip.

    – Person who was on the Archery Team throughout High-school.
    Let us debate the interaction of overly blunt arrows, overpowered bows and hard butts at some point.

    Oh oh oh, I just noticed
    – one eye is violet(?)
    – the other gold(?) [used paint to get a guesstimate]

    1. I love this comment so much! 🙂 The figure in the last panel feels awkward to me too. I really like the horizontal bow positioning of video games but I?m baffled as to how to make it make sense. 🙂 And I don?t want to just say ?magic.?

      1. You want put the string under her arm, and flip the bow arm. When firing a bow, your palms will always be facing each other no matter how you’re holding the bow. You should always be able to pull the string back to your chest.

          1. Your description is way better than my first attempt. WRT the video, that is an Okay amateur attempt at using a bow.
            Found this one that may be a better illustration at around the 5 min mark note the solid stance and the straight line from the elbow of the draw arm through the shoulders to the bow arm. This maximizes power and minimizes fatigue for the archer.
            This was something that I was berated about and was just short of beaten into me before I got it right.

            Also I am glad that we have been of some help to one of our favourite artists – who are not family members. =P

          2. Although I’m sure everyone’s comments on how to use a bow and arrow are all very accurate and useful, I am also sure that I’m not going to be the one who mansplains this to the lady.

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