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The Middle Age
Happy family reunion...

Episode 225: “Happy family reunion…”

Huzzah! A new episode!

This episode had been started and stopped three times. I’d share the previous versions but they’re a bit spoilery. I’ll share them on Patreon once the spoiler material has passed.

Look for the next episode on Monday! (I type this and fully expect my iPad to explode.) 🙂

Sunday will be the fourth anniversary of The Middle Age! I have picked either the best or worst time to write and draw a silly fantasy webcomic. I can’t thank you all enough for reading it!

News from The Middle Age:

  • Volume Two of the The Middle Age is now available in softcover format from Amazon. I got a proof of the book and it looks great!
  • The MacGuffins booklets are in and they turned out terrific! I love the printing and paper quality – I’ll be printing more projects with the same company for sure. If you missed the Kickstarter and want to get one, I’ll be sending one out to every Patreon supporter!
  • The Kickstarters are shipping out! I’m shipping out a ton of packages. If you backed the kickstarter, keep an eye out for notifications to confirm your address from Backerkit.

Big thanks to new Patreon supporters Kenneth and Matthew!

Thank you all again for your kind support. <3

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Hmmmm… Leave the obscurement zone and the words on the necklace stop lighting up… Very Interesting…

  2. Silly question, I know Quimp referred to Jarn and Nettles as “boys” … but are they??? In fact are any of the dragons in the universe Quimp inhabits males???

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