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The Middle Age
How could you?

Episode 226: “How could you?”

Phosphene is dropping some knowledge in this episode. But a little refresher…

This episode was soooo close to done on Monday but I wasn’t at all happy the background in panel one. It was okay – kind of, sort of – but it didn’t give a sense of the character of the room which was established back when Quimp first visited the cottage. The original panel background said “room” but it didn’t say “this particular room.”

And my sense is that when there are no word balloons in a panel, readers tend to spend disproportionately more time looking at the art. I have long, boring thoughts as to why that might be which I’m happy to ramble near-incoherently about if anyone is interested. 🙂 ) With that in mind, I spent a few hours yesterday drawing tiny books, sandwiches, woodgrain, and stone.

Edits to panel one - episode 226

I’m much happier with it.

And while I was posting this, I went back in and added a scar on Vessica’s neck/collarbone to indicate where Quimp had cut her.

Big thanks to new Patreon supporters Geoff and James! <3

Thank you all again for your amazing support!!!

Stay safe!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. This also raises an interesting question, who was the dead dragon on the episode number 1??? A dead, but “undead” dragon…. We have seen something like that, “I couldn’t” … Hmmmmm. The blade of woe can only work for a person on a noble quest, so somebody noble must have left it in the head of the dragon… There is more ‘splain’n to do here….

  2. I really, really like this!
    I so look forward to every update!
    (BTW I’m 68; does that put me in your “target demographic”?)

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