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The Middle Age
If you'd stop interrupting...

Episode 224: “If you’d stop interrupting…”

Greetings from sunny, crazy Florida! I’m safe and staying indoors. I hope you’re safe and well where you are!

Thanks to everyone who reached out. I really appreciate it!

Big thanks to new Patreon supporter Don!

In this episode, we get answers to a few questions and tensions run a little high.

Thank you all again for your kind support. <3

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. I love the interaction and words between Phosphene and Quimp! A more unlikely pair would be hard to find.

    Steve, I’m curious why the characters’ noses are red on the end. I keep thinking they have a cold and their noses are stuffed up. Is there a reason you colour them like that?

    1. Thanks, Jude. As for the red noses (and ears, and cheeks, hands, lips)… I wanted to make the character feel more alive – like there’s blood pumping underneath those pixels. And then, when I added those little highlights on the nose and lips, the face came alive. So then I started adding it to everyone – I mean, even the green dragons have red coloring in their noses and cheeks.

      That said, as the color has gotten more intense – maybe too much? – I want to make sure our hero doesn’t end up with a clown nose. 🙂

      1. I wouldn’t say the colouring is too much for their noses, not at all clown like. I just wondered if they perhaps had a stuffed-up nose as in allergies and we find they’re allergic to each other. You’re the artist, after all, and far be it for me, a lowly though valued reader to say how you draw and colour your characters!

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