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The Middle Age
I'll take care of it!

Episode 244: “I’ll take care of it!”

I’m really happy with our hero’s expression in panel three and the energy of panel four.

This episode does a lot in very few panels and it’s all in the details: Quimp is sheathing his sword, the baby dragons are once more bowling Quimp over Charle-Brown-style, and the impact knocks the arrows out of him saving me the headache of drawing him manually removing the arrows over the course of a few episodes. 🙂

And this episode finally connects Phosphene’s contact with Praesida back in episode 215 with Phosphene’s gradual affliction – starting with that arm.

Thanks again for your amazing support and kindness!

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— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. “But we wanna see our mama!!”

    I studied the illustrations before I read your comments. I counted six arrows in Quimp and five flying free so either one is still stuck in him (probably his head 😂) or it’s off scene.

    I’m really happy to see Nittles and Jarn back again too. I now understand why I like them so much since you based them on kittens. But I thought the one with the flowery wreath was a girl? Are both boys, and which is which? I also like that you draw swirling leaves that normally accompanies them. Makes them all the sweeter and more innocent, somehow.

  2. Jude, it’s actually been consistently 7 arrows in our hero. I have tried a few times to get the boy/girl thing straight, but our erstwhile cartooner/antagonist seems to not want to answer that particular question for some reason… I’m not actually sure any of the dragons are males, another question that is not on the list of answerable questions… 🙂

    I find it interesting that while the second boot is close by, it is still not attached to said hero’s foot…. Looks like the elastic in the socks needs some attention too.

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