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The Middle Age
I'm no art critic...

Episode 263: “I’m no art critic…”

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— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Cacophanix! I knew reading French comix would cross over one day. now where are Asterix et Obelix? I need to go Getafix!

    1. I loved their names – Geriatrix (though they never named his wife), Unhygenix and Bacteria, Vitalstatistix and Impedimentia, and the rest. Nice to know someone else has read their comics!

      1. Scrofulus Maximus was pretty gross, but my folks being MDs, I loved the description fo the disease even as a kid. Even more than Delirius Tremens.

  2. It strikes me that a more sombre note has been introduced. I’m curious to learn how this will affect your storyline, Steve.

  3. The inscription does not say that a man or men killed her. The cacophony (chaos?) did that. Interesting that her dream is for harmony, “order” if you will.

    Oh wait, that cacophony sounds suspiciously like humans talking…

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