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The Middle Age
Is that so hard to believe?

Episode 221: “Is that so hard to believe?”

Can you tell how much fun I have drawing Melvwyn?

This episode begins a series which hopefully works as a recap for new readers and fills in a lot of blanks for long-time readers. Fingers crossed that it works! πŸ™‚

I love these recaps because they help get new readers up to speed (especially for readers who read this in book form) and help us all get back on the same page. They give us a chance to see how each character’s goals may have changed following recent events and give us all a sense of what challenges lie ahead.

If you like flashbacks and filling in missing details, the next few episodes are for you! πŸ˜€

Extra thanks to new Patreon Supporters Michael, HJ, Daniel, and Scott!

We’ve reached a new Patreon milestone – which means I’ll be redesigning The Middle Age web site. I recently moved to a new web host which has been great but had some drawbacks – like really aggressive caching which means returning readers aren’t seeing the new episodes. Ugh. But I’ll be working to get a new design up this week! Fingers crossed!

Thank you all again for your amazing support.

I can’t thank you enough! <3

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. I suspect that I’ve beaten this end of the caching problem – I configured Firefox to clear all volatile information whenever I quit.

  2. FYI, Steve, as a writer myself, I really enjoy the matter level with which you present these comics. It’s nice to see the creative process behind them. Thanks for sharing.

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