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The Middle Age
It'll be okay...

Episode 230: “It’ll be okay…”

A few eagle-eyed readers noted that Phosphene’s arm has been getting redder for a few episodes. Now she and the rest of the party have taken notice as well.

And speaking of thanks, big thanks to new Patreon supporter “Plods with”! <3

I hope you’re all safe and well!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Let’s see; the collar is made of Obscenium, and the Woeblade is indestructable, so perhaps it is made from the same material. That might make it possible to hack off the collar with the Woeblade. Not that it would be willing to help. Then again, it is Quimp the blade dislikes. It might be willing to save the life of Phosphene.

    1. Rich, hi. Thanks! I’ve purged the cache. I’m hoping that helps. I thought the host’s aggressive-caching-issue was resolved but it looks like I need to purge the cache with every update. :/

  2. It’s red, it looks like blood, but the arrow is in the “prison”…. either way, I’m sure that arrows flying will not help her “calmness” … Such a fun story…

  3. Okay, the collar will not get any bigger. Will it get any smaller? If it can’t can she change to a smaller form for a couple seconds to get out of it?

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