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The Middle Age
It's almost never okay...

Episode 247: “It’s almost never okay…”

I really like how panel one came together, but my favorite part is how Phosphene is gently holding Jarn’s hand. Phosphene desperately wants to hold Jarn and Nittles but knows she mustn’t.

A note for fellow cartoonists and creators:
I’ll be showcasing Fan Art of The Middle Age on upcoming episodes of The Middle Age on Webtoons and Tapas (and possibly elsewhere). If you’d like to take part, send the art to along with the URL(s) of your webcomic/social media (or tag me on social media) and I’ll share it with my audiences on those sites as I can. I’ll likely showcase one piece per week.

My main concern is making sure any of the URLs/links are all-ages-appropriate to make sure I satisfy the various site’s requirements.

I’m excited to send readers your way! 🙂

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I hope you and yours are safe, and well.

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Sure the shaft is burned away, the head of the arrow is still in your head though. Of course it can’t make you any smarter.

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