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The Middle Age
It's just blood.

Episode 253: “It’s just blood.”

You can tell when I put extra time into some of these pages.

And some amazing news…

The 2021 Eisner Award Nominations were announced and I’m stunned to find out that The Middle Age has received a nomination in the category of Best Webcomic.

It’s such an honor. I struggle with doubt alllll the time and things like this just mean so much to me – probably to an unhealthy degree.

And always, extra thanks to my amazing supporters o Patreon! I couldn’t do this without you! <3

— Steve @theSteveConley

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      1. I liked the fact that Nittles was wearing a flower crown to distinguish him from Jarn, while still being a boy. If Nittles is a girl, that would be disappointingly stereotypical.

        I will accept “both are girls” or “Jarn’s a girl, Nittles is a boy” if necessary.

        But anyway, Phosphene hasn’t said he’s wrong. I support their continuing to both be boys.

  1. I hope you win Best Webcomic, Steve! Possibly if the prize didn’t mean that much to you, you wouldn’t put so much effort into The Middle Age and we, your readers, wouldn’t get to read your wonderful webcomic.

  2. Eisner!!!
    Well deserved. Also, doubt shmout… shmout… let it all out. Doubt is a thing you could go without!
    Sorry. I remember the 80s.

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