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The Middle Age
Just tell us the total!

Episode 239: “Just tell us the total!”

These past few episodes haven’t featured Quimp or Maledicta and the idea was to give Something and Melvwyn the opportunity to strut their stuff while advancing the plot. It’s been a fun little bit of a detour, and our hero gets the spotlight again soon.

Thank you again! <3

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. There is lots to see there…in a comic called “The Middle Age” seeing a video game controller was a tad surprising… Is there time travel in Sir Quimp’s future? Or a deep seated desire on your part to see this comic immortalized as a video game some day?

  2. It’s worse than just a controller! Melvwyn has the infinity gauntlet and the golden idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark!

    Just remember, Melvwyn, if you’re going to “do it yourself”, just remeber that “it belongs in a museum”.

    1. The sword at the bottom kind of looks like Liono’s type.
      I’d like to say that was out of character but that would be incorrect.

  3. It appears that he also has the Eye of Agamoto and the Sword of Omens from Thundercats. Melvwyn is quite the collector. Also he seems to have quite the sweet tooth.

  4. I also think that’s the Eye of Agamotto (comic book style, not Marvel movie) just right of center, and what might be a sonic screwdriver dropping out at the bottom of the page.

  5. So not only has it ripped his beard of holding, but apparently the fabric of time and space, and possibly even comic continuity! Poor Melvwyn!

  6. So, what is to the left of the wrapped gift, under the dagger handle (in the orc), above the third sword, and below the drumstick?

  7. That sword with an eye … I know it. I cannot recall wherefrom!
    Also, a blaster from The Black Hole and one from Buck Rodgers hath appeared.
    I am only disappointed not to see Krull’s glaive.

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