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The Middle Age
Like a murder of crows but with more murdering...

Episode 13: “Like a murder of crows but with more murdering…”

I’m sorry for the delay on this week’s episode. I live on the east coast of Florida and last week, Hurricane Matthew seemed determined to not let me get any work done.

We had to evacuate and I spent the early part of the week storm-prepping and Thursday through Sunday in a pet-friendly-ish motel about 70 mines west to the west. Fortunately my home wasn’t damaged despite a lot of wreckage all around. We didn’t get power back until Monday-night/Tuesday-morning and I’ve been spending the week setting everything back up and catching up on work. (I say pet-friendly-ish motel because one of my cats picked up fleas while we were there and then had a nasty allergic reaction to the bite – poor guy had to go to the vet and get a steroid shot on top of it all to reduce the itching and inflammation. Thankfully, he’s much better and able to pose for more dragon drawings.)

I had hoped to get some more drawing done while I was stuck in that motel but it just wasn’t possible. There were so many displaced Foridians – it was like an episode of Cops minus the law enforcement.

I’m thrilled to be back! 🙂

— Steve @theSteveConley

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      1. I’m old but not *that* old and I got it.
        Just discovered The Middle Age and am enjoying it immensely!

  1. But the vessel with the pestle has the brew which is true!

    Great reference. I decided to buy your other comic compendium based on this inside joke alone. Thank you!

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