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The Middle Age
Much rests...

Episode 302: “Much rests…”

The Wednesday schedule continues! I travelled to see family this weekend which cost me some time at the drawing board but I’m committed to keeping the Wednesday schedule going!

Continuity note: In panel three, how can the empress poke Quimp when she can’t see his black-and-white-garbed body? She can see his head and Maledicta and can make an educated guess. I show her poking a bit off-center to account for this guesswork.

Everyone has asked about Volume Three of The Middle Age and I’m excited to finally say that the new book is in the works!

You can see the “coming soon” page on Kickstarter.

Coming soon to Kickstarter! The Middle Age Volume 3

Thank you again! And extra thanks as always to my supporters on Patreon who make this comic possible!

— Steve

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  1. I think it was very tasteful to not show the expression on the face of the Empress in panel 2. The dialogue carries it quite well enough. Keep up the good work, and thank you!

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