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The Middle Age
My Sweet Phosphene!

Episode 135: “My Sweet Phosphene!”

Shop Talk: This one was more work than usual – I went even crazier with the colors and I wanted this episode to accomplish a lot:

  • It presents a basic recap for new readers (our hero’s quest, the woeblade’s hate and thirst, and an establishing shot for the action to come) in a novel way with two haiku.
  • It sneaks in the fact that Phosphene’s name is three syllables. 🙂
  • It has our characters talking past each other – which I love. 🙂
  • It connects with the previous episode in a way I was a bit hesitant (our hero turns and sees his love in the flashback and we cut to seeing his love in the present, I was this close to adding a line like – ‘the story will have to wait’ – just to be reallly clear to younger readers).
  • It includes a nod to Charlie Brown. 🙂

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Thank you all again! 😀

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. How in Hell, does this episode contain a nod to Charlie Brown? And how does it establish that Phosphene’s name has 3 syllables?x

      1. OK, if you say so. I don’t know anything about haiku. And the phrase “how I hate him”, doesn’t ring any bells Peanuts wise, nevertheless, I accept your premise.

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