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The Middle Age
No one could understand...

Episode 289: “No one could understand…”

I worked on this episode during last week’s Twitch livestream. I’m particularly happy with the acting in panel four.

Thank you all for your kind patience as I clean up from the Hurricane. It’s going well. I did find that quite a lot of books, comics, and packing supplies were ruined but nothing truly irreplaceable. This is forcing me to reorganize and make room for the carpet cleaning when it can finally be scheduled (the waiting list is loooong).

Good will come from this! Look for an email update this week with a surprise. 🙂

EXTRA THANKS to new Patreon supporters Marvin, Christine, Joshua, and kaitou!

— Steve

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  1. A very powerful episode here, Steve. Each panel is very well-done but yes, the final one expresses it all with their expressions. I also appreciate Quimp’s “not-so-gentle” companion tossing in a touch of levity into a situation rife with pathos.

    1. Thanks, Laura! I just posted the new episode. 🙂
      I’m on the East coast of Florida just north of Daytona and Ian (which I think was downgraded to a tropical storm when it rolled over my town) managed to force a ton of water through my windows and under my front door. You all had it so much worse. I hope you and your things survived okay.

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