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The Middle Age
Not "just."

Episode 254: “Not ‘just.'”

I’ve been so busy working on these episodes and planning the fifth birthday of The Middle Age. Five years is a drop-in-the-bucket compared to a lot of webcomics but this is longest I’ve been able to continually work on one project. All thanks to my kind supporters on Patreon! And my amazing Kickstarter and Ko-Fi supporters as well.

I’m really happy with how panel three turned out – mostly for Jarn’s and Phosphene’s expressions. A nice moment. I don’t always color the irises of their eyes but I think I need to do that more often.

Extra thanks to new Patreon supporters Bengaminoid and HJ Gillham and boosted annual support from Sean Siebigteroth!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Congratulations for the long run !
    5 years , amazing ! Funny, beautiful to look at , not predictable, what could a comic reader want more ?

    Keep the good work !

  2. Well, this is all very interesting.

    Do dragons not come in male and female? Are all of them called ‘she’ (and other words that usually indicate feminine gender, such as ‘mom, sister, Empress’) ? Why have Jarn and Nittles only ever been spoken of together, as ‘they’? Just to hide this fact from us? So how do dragons reproduce? How did the two baby dragons come into existence? Is Quimp biologically their father?

    So many (rhetorical) questions! 😀

  3. Maybe they’re dragon dragons until they become reproductively active? I mean even human kids doesn’t really matter much until puberty and then it just gets confusing.

  4. Dragons be like crocodiles and turtles … their sex depends upon the temperature, only not at birth … it flows!
    Or, in the alternative, they switch sex at a certain age …
    OR, they’re all lasses who have to mate with other species to pass on their line.

  5. So like seahorses, they are whatever sex they need when it comes to reproduction? Sort of polymorphic outfitted for survival.

    1. Aye. Dragons would be the master race if not for an accursedly long gestation period, I am sure.

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