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Episode 218: “Quack!”

I have wanted to draw this scene for so long! Waddlebottom versus a dragon!

Such a ridiculous scene, I put a commensurate ridiculous amount of time into drawing and coloring it! 🙂

A big difference with this page was in the ‘inking.’ I usually draw the figures and elements with a “cartoony” outline (a la my favorite cartoonists like Walt Kelly and Carl Barks and Jeff Smith) and add weight and shadow in the coloring stage. In this case, I drew the heavy shadows in the inking stage – and inked as if it were my coloring process, with lots and lots of hatching and textures.

I shared a larger version of this episode along with the black-and-white ‘inks’ free for everyone here on Patreon.

If you’re enjoying The Middle Age, and want to help me make more episodes, please consider becoming a supporter on Patreon!

I hope you’re safe and able to stay that way! <3
— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. I really enjoy the website and comic, but when I am on episode 217, it says that “this is the latest episode” and I have to go back 1-2 episodes to check if I missed the recent one

  2. On my third look, I see his Highness fleetly fleeing the fiery furnace-like flames and can see why they all missed it and got to feel smugly superior for not having done so on my third try. This is really well-done.

  3. That last panel is amazing!
    I just read through your archive and I’m hooked. Great story and characters.

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