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The Middle Age
So do I!

Episode 214: “So do I!”

I hope you’re safe and healthy! I’m staying at home and doing my best to help ‘flatten the curve.’

The virus has postponed the two comic-conventions I had scheduled for the next two weekends. The good news is that I’m using the time which would have been spent traveling on working on the comic and on the new web site. And commissions for my Patreon supporters!

In the Very Good News Department, I received the new proofs of hardcover edition of The Middle Age: Volume 2 and they came out great. The interior colors in the first proof were a bit muted. The colors are much richer in the new version! I couldn’t be happier!

Yesterday, I spoke with Tom Racine for his Tale Tale Radio podcast. We talk about The Middle Age, and social-distancing, and the comics, games and movies we love. The episode should be available Friday and is available through iTunes and well as from the TTR web site. Tom’s uploading a new episode each day.

If you’re enjoying The Middle Age, and want to help me make more episodes, please consider becoming a supporter on Patreon!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Guess the questions will be answered in reverse order.
    For now our paunch hero will be getting those oh so familiar stabbing back pains once again.

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