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The Middle Age
Such a classic!

Episode 241: “Such a classic!”

Firstly, I can totally see myself going back in and adding more of Melvwyn’s treasures to the environment especially in panel one.

Secondly, I feel like I had a breakthrough with drawing Melvwyn. As I think I mentioned previously, I’ve had The Great British Baking Show on in the background while I’ve been working. That show’s got everything: drama, humor, action, deadlines, educational information, adorable Sandi Toksvig, and amazing accents (Structure is pronounced strookchurr and my life definitely could use more strookchurr.)

AND… the show also has lots of meringue!

I was sketching Melvwyn and saw the show’s contestants piping meringue and I had one of those eureka moments. The tapering shapes, sweeping curves, the volume!

I’ll may never draw the wizard’s hair the same way again.

If anyone is looking for a story reason for why Melvwyn’s hair looks a little different, we can blame the beard explosion. 🙂

Panel one started out with the plan of just being simple silhouettes but between the meringue and the desire to (hopefully) show that Quimp is still out of it, Phosphene is being helped to her feet by Something, and that Melvwyn is tying his damaged beard in knots, that panel had a lot of work to do and silhouettes wouldn’t cut it.

I hope you’re safe, healthy, happy, and warm!

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— Steve @theSteveConley

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